Hello! Welcome to Synology Web Station!

The Web Station service is enabled. You can now create you own website on Disk Station. Please follow steps below to build, and publish your website online.

  1. Log in to the web manager and go to the "Privileges > Shared Folder" page. Assign user privileges for accessing the web shared folder.
  2. (Create web pages, and) Upload your pages to the "web" shared folder.
  3. Make sure the homepage of your website is named "index.php", "index.htm", or "index.html".
  4. Point your browser to http://servername/ to view your website.

How to publish my website?

To publish your website and make it available for people on the Internet, you need to set your Disk Station to use an external IP.

  1. To connect to the system management UI, please redirect you browser to http://servername:5000/.
  2. Log in to the web manager of your Disk Station.
  3. To hook the Disk Station on the Internet, you can either apply:
  4. If you wish to use a registered DDNS account, go to the "Network Services > DDNS" page to enable the DDNS service.
  5. Finished!

Now, people on the Internet can browse through your website by pointing their browser to http://serverIP/ or http://DDNS_hostname/. For more details on how to access the Disk Station through the Internet, please click here.