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  • Who am I?


My name is Soren Svensson.

I live in Anaheim in sunny California together with my lovely wife Annika and our three cars :-)

I work as a senior software developer and Annika is in accounting.

I was born and raised in Umeå Sweden and Annika is from Örebro (also Sweden). We met when we both worked at a Swedish computer consultant company called Omicron Ceti.


  • Our cars!


Yes, this page is about cars if you haven't figured that out yet!

We have a '91 Mazda Miata, a '00 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS and a '03 Dodge RAM 1500 Hemi.

miata1s.jpg (15356 bytes)

Our Miata has both turbo and nitrous oxide (yes, it's fast)!

The Subaru and Dodge are pretty much stock (so far).


  • How to contact us


Sorens home email: soren at turbomx5 dot com

Annikas home email: annika at turbomx5 dot com


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